Sunday, 9 April 2017

ARE YOU A HIGHLY DESIRABLE WOMAN? ft @strugzinspires | Metrogypsie

It's all that you can imagine; beauty to behold, pleasure for the mind, and ''a soothing memory''.... always remember that it is the door to your soul- oscroyal
Hi guys, the idea of a power woman shoot came from my friend, Amaka of @Strugzinspires. I then drew inspiration from an article (by Akash Gautam; 9 characteristics of highly desirable women) to strengthen/back up the fashion. Btw, 85% of the items worn by us made by Nigerian female designers. The dictionaries define “Desirable” as “worth having or wanting; pleasant, excellent or fine.” Although it said that beauty lies in the hand of the beholder, there are certain traits a woman could posses to make her lots more attractive and of huge value. Asides desirability, we'd be touching on behavioral patterns strong (powerful) females most likely possess. 1. They don’t chase people instead they develop themselves. That carefree/confident attitude that make them feel complete in themselves. 2. They are in control of their emotions No need to waste time in emotions that wouldn't bring them any progress. 3. They avoid gossip Petty gossip, useless talking, and drama is for school girls — not the desirable women that we look up to. 4. They are not attention seekers She doesn't like to spam people with such relationship-status-on-social-media trivialities. They would much rather be known and talked about for their real and meaningful achievements. They believe in earning attention from like-minded people, not snatching it with constant updates on the happenings in their lives. They earn respect instead of asking for it. They believe in maintaining a mystery about their lives which only selected people can have access to.

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