Monday, 13 February 2017

FEBRUARY 14: Androgynous & Girly Valentines Day Look Inspiration ft @fnptravel styled by @metrogypsie

Androgynous & Girly Valentines Day Look Inspiration styled by metrogypsie.

Let's be clear, androgyny to me is all about Style. Precisely, its a term used to describe the art of  mixing masculine accessories or apparel with feminine ones on a lady to create a certain/ 'strong' look. For example, wearing a really big faced dark-colored wrist watch, a pencil skirt paired with a boxy jacket | a chiffon ruffled blouse with a pair of brogues | boyfriend jeans paired with a top with a bow. 

At the start of this year, I resolved (in the style department) to make 2017 my year of Androgyny in this regard, I decided to style a Val's day inspired shoot with fellow blogger, Fey of the travel blog, footprints on polaroids (@fnptravel). I rocked the Androgynous looks and Fey, the girly ones.

There has never been a greater inspiration, ....... a passion for greatness, legit cultural flow; a love for home...... refined in music - Shadrach Onyarin
Look One - HomeGrown


Homegrown for us refers to brands that are owned by Africans. Both outfits in this look are owned by and made in Nigeria 🇳🇬.


Look Two - Prints, Animal Skin

The choice of prints being animal skin was because of the sexy tone it connotes in a look.


Look Three - InspiredByMusic

Music is a huge part of the Valentines season/day.. so on this look I decided to draw inspiration from @Teknoofficial's 💝 song, Diana



Photography:- Emily J Sowerby, @emilyjsowerby

Fey Kamson, @fnptravel
Stephanie Okafor, @metrogypsie

Wardrobe:- @Bloggerschest
Look One:- @ItunuFabrics
Look Two:- @Bloggerschest
Look Three:- @Bloggerschest

Stylist:- @Metrogypsie

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