Sunday, 6 November 2016


John was torn in his mind as he had great plans for the evening, but his heart was weak, considering that he had to decide whether he will be a good 👏 gentleman or let the devil within act. He had always believed that women (people in general) cannot be fixed, except possibly by the grace of God.
Sally had her mind made up since she was down with a good short sex and beautiful night rest. She needed to get John to a room as soon as possible, but she also had her pride to protect. She had a plan- a discrete sweet seduction.
John came up with an idea, an excuse that will be ideal for the situation he had found himself, get a little high on alcohol and let the girl get drunk. That way his emotions will be a 'little numb' and he can be heartless enough to commit an act he'll be sorry for by morning.
"Let's go back to the party" John said. They soon walked into the club where they began to dance. At first John sat on an arm chair, watching the large number of people feeling the groove; of course, the elderly ones had left and this was just a last moment of bachelorhood for the couple👫. John was absolutely impressed with the way Sally danced, a reminder that 'this girl' was used to the streets- the kind of woman you're afraid to marry. She soon danced towards John, encouraging him to dance, John however had never been the club type, was not conversant with the moves made, but with time and a bit of alcohol and a little motivation from 'tantalizing' lies he was soon on the dance floor feeling the party.
John remembered little afterwards; he was in the room and he knew he was kissing someone, the series of impressions on his mind were all in geometric progression, but as occurs with years of constant practice, his brain could still maintain a flow of medical stuff, thinking 'rather' clearly of the implications of having unprotected sex; HIV, STDs, it was probably too late now and he knew he was in danger.
The action was fast and he felt his clothes falling off, he knew he felt small firm breast but at that point something in him gave way, it was all darkness as he surrendered his soul to the god of the night.

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