Saturday, 8 October 2016

Boy Meets Girl: 1

 Hello royalists.

In the time between meeting Sally and the ‘eroticism’ of the night that followed, anyone would have believed that “living was at its peak of seduction and death was inevitable”.
On a beautiful Saturday morning, John had prepared for the best of days; being a graduate of Medicine and an acknowledged distinction student, He was prepared for a world of distress and competition, economic recession or meltdown and his focus was to beat the world and make it a better place; but one thing was certain, John was not ready for a world of women.
Sally is beautiful, young and elegant, the kind of girl you’ll be afraid to approach on a normal day because you know in your heart, from her outward appearance and flamboyant lifestyle that she was not the kind of woman that could be a mother to your children, but you play along, because in this game that we play, we try to win even with wolves in sheep clothing.
It was Mary and Peter’s marriage and John was ready for that wonderful celebration. Mary had been his childhood crush and sweetheart and although he ‘didn’t crush any candy,’ he had been devoted to the friendship for so long. When he got an invitation via mail to attend the wedding, he felt rather pleased that she still thought of him. As a doctor and having distinguished himself, he was going to turn up for the wedding in grand style.
 Moving about in the streets of Warri (a city in Southern Nigeria) can be a tiring task, except maybe you’re in a comfortable dress, an AC car and you can afford to be in those; Luckily, John could afford both. John left not too early, considering that he has never been a big fan of an early turn up, although recently on his travel to the United States, he did realize that living by the African man time will be a great danger to him, his patients and his future if he followed that footstep.
He was however in time to hear the wedding vows, having successfully avoided the ‘bore’ of the pre marital sermon which took a large part of the time. His entrance did not go unnoticed. He was in his brand new suite, ‘not a tuxedo as you can imagine; which he could not afford, but for a new school graduate, it was pretty expensive stuff and showed the respect of his profession’. His shoes were a pair of new Gucci which he just purchased, a male version of what you’d find on female fashion blogger +metrogypsies blog. They were nice and fitting, showing royalty.
As he walked in, as if it was written in the stars, the first eye he met was that of Sally, a dark colored, irregularly shaped female, she was rather shaped like a V and it didn’t bother him at that time, since he actually didn’t notice till at the reception. He ignored her haughty eyes, focusing more on the very possibility that she was the kind of girl he could hook up with and he could bet that they’d have sex that night.
:::”””before I continue with this fiction, I’d like to point out an important factor which my reader may be concerned about, nothing mostly the fact that this is a distinguished student of Medicine and Surgery and as such he should be rather too disciplined to look at an irresponsible woman, including one of questionable character which John will soon find out. Anything can happen.”””
John could see Mary and her Husband to be at the front, he quietly walked to the left as directed by the ushers and for some reason he ended up sitting right next to Sally, they exchanged a quick smile and nod and John, partiality for dark women, liked her.
The service ended and John was quick to leave, He walked straight to his car, while Sally kept an eye on him; she liked him, a catastrophic reminder of her unending lust, she has always wanted to marry a doctor but this time, she had a feeling this was only going to be a fling and that sex will probably end this endearing ordeal. The other problem was her mother, who from her experience with Sally knew that with every young man, sally was just trouble.
Johns car was nothing compared to the range rovers, land rovers, hummers and Mercedes Benz that were there at the wedding, but he was quite a fancy, maybe it was because of ‘ the young doctor phenomenon’, it’s probably contagious.
His car was a Toyota Camry, a new model and well polished, the car was new, brand new and the fitting was perfect, in fact the car drew a lot of attention.
Before John could get into his car he could hear Mary call his name and, asking him to join them for a picture, He couldn’t refuse so he spent a little more time within which period he was able to finally engage in a conversation with Sally, Sally having been used to this game, obviously more experienced, appeared rather very smart, leaving John impressed. He looked at her again, and for some reason was convinced that she was the kind of girl he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with, but having sex with this woman if enjoyable could mean a constant booty call.
‘’ He looked at her again, and for some reason was convinced that she was the kind of girl he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with, but having sex with this woman if enjoyable could mean a constant booty call. ‘This was where their parts crossed and was the beginning of a long dilemma, you know, where boy meets girl.
John soon left and went home to change into more comfortable clothes for the reception.

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