Saturday, 25 June 2016

Exodus Opens In Port-Harcourt

It is the grand opening of EXODUS this Sunday, 26th June at 2 Prince Edeh Close, off Abacha road, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt, River State.

Don’t miss multiple award winner Adekunle Gold performing live with Mr Robinson band, and Arinze baba for lots of laughter. It promises to be a great event with Jimmie, Entertainment personality of the year and Official Host/Hypeman of Hennessy Nigeria. After Party with the uber incredible DJ Factor. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016


One of the biggest musicians to come out of Africa, with millions of records sold in Africa and globally, Peter Okoye is set to open another chapter in his already glittering career as he is set to make his first ever solo performance at Hard Rock Cafe Lagos on June 23rd, 2016. Following hits like Personally, Collabo, Chop my Money & Bizzy Body; fans and music lovers can get to witness this one of a kind historic event in music's global home.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Mrs. Chinasa a big business owner tells story of her fibroid pains and the recent surgery for the removal which she thought was her last option. She used this medium to advice ladies who are going through such pains.

“I choose to tell you my story today. Number one, I keep everything in my life under wraps because of the negativity out there. 90 percent of my life doesn’t make it to the Internet. I’ve been through a lot in my life but I’ll let you read all the truth in my book and watch on my reality show “Building Your Business”. A lot of people send me DMs and emails saying how perfect I am, how they want to be like me, how strong I am; Asking how I manage to run 20 businesses and take care of my 2 kids at the same time. I promised myself to always keep going to encourage the people I inspire.

This powerful strong woman you see is not perfect.

I have my pains and I cry too, especially when I’m misjudged. I have been betrayed and stabbed in the back severally by friends but I promised myself I was going to make a change for ladies who are determined to genuinely make it. This is why I put all my talent to use.

When I had My Son, Eric, I bled all through the pregnancy, not knowing I was even pregnant till about 5 months. 3 years after I had him, I was still having stomach pains and bleeding heavily through my periods. I went to my gynecologist, he said I had 3 small fibroids and a big size one. We agreed to take them out through laparoscopic surgery.

On the day of the surgery, I woke up thinking it was done. However, he said it was on my womb, that I could lose my womb if he tried to remove the fibriod. He said I should sign before they open me up and that it would have to be a major surgery. The gyneacologist also said that one of the fibroids was on my bladder which made me pee on myself any time I cough in public and it gave me terrible back and leg pains. He advised me to have another baby before the surgery.

Years after, I got pregnant with my daughter (Eunice) despite the consequences, my partner insisted I had the baby. I found out I was pregnant at 4 months like the first time cause I was having periods due to the fibroids. At 5 months, I was bedridden, I had a lot of pains from the pregnancy. I went to my gynecologist and he said I had something called “Red degeneration” where the fibroids suck the blood from the baby and doesn’t make it grow. That same day, I found out I had gestational diabetes. As a result of all these, I thought I was going to lose the baby and I was in non-stop pains till about 7 months when the pains stopped. During this period, I couldn’t walk, eat, bath myself not talk. Thanks to my partner and sister, they used to bath me. Later the baby started growing well and so were the 4 fibroids.
As a result of the gestational diabetes, my sugar levels were regularly monitored and my diet was changed.”

To cut the story short, i thank God for my partner and mother-in-law who stood by me all through; taking care of me and with prayers. They never doubted me once.

The pain stopped at about 7 months. After my birthday on the 3rd of August, I was having fun with family at Midas Arena, when suddenly I started bleeding chunks of blood nonstop. I was rushed to Hospital and collapsed when we got there. They stopped the bleeding and pleaded with me to do the surgery but I kept postponing it because I didn’t want to lose my womb.

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