Friday, 3 June 2016


Pere Debby: +2348170309081
 A lot of women do this, ''makeover'', but pere does an awesome Job. About individuals with a great mind and focused destiny, I believe they do things that fit in the extra-ordinary. Pere is a student of Delta State University Abrake, A medical student, a model, and a makeup artiste, so far I think she does pretty good at her Job as well as doing great in school.
For sponsorship, makeup for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries,events, please contact makeover by pere;
call the number +2348170309081, same number on whatsapp,
Instagram: @pereswit
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When a heart fights to be fit, weilding in it the  power to love, in it a greater power to succeed........ ''Help that mind pull through''.-OSCroyal

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