Saturday, 26 November 2016


Africa’s first luxury perfume, Scent of Africa was launched in Lagos at the upscale NOK by Alara contemporary leisure space. The exclusive event attracted Lagos celebrities, socialites and influencers.

The event kicked off with red carpet appearances by Nigeria’s finest celebrities such as Genevieve Nnaji, Olisa Adibua, Uti Nwachukwu, Gideon Okeke, Deyemi Okanlanwon, Peace Hyde, Ugo Mozie and many others.

As the evening unfolded, guests were given the opportunity to sample and experience the perfume. 

Brand Manager of Ghandour Cosmetics, Solange Boccovi described the perfume as a “blend of sophistication and elegance that pays homage to Africa in celebrating its rich identity. Scent of Africa’s identity was built around values of authenticity, the Ghandour brothers roamed Africa to extract the best essences used to build its delicate fragrance notes”.

The Luxury fragrances (for man and woman) were unveiled by celebrity brand ambassadors, Oluchi Orlandi (International super model) and Marcel Desailly(World Cup Champion and international footballer).

“Scent of Africa incarnates prestige. It carries a strong dose of elegance. I see it as more than just a fragrance, it is a trend and experience.” Supermodel and Host/Producer of Africa’s Next Top Model Oluchi Orlandi.

The event further commenced with theatrical performances and musical presentations used to incorporate the diverse representation of different African nations. The Oyo drummers opened the ceremony while the ballet performance showcased the beauty and strength of Africa. Dj Caise thrilled guests to African inspired deep house, jazz and soulful house tunes as they were treated to exotic Absolut Eylx cocktails.

Guests at the event gladly feasted their eyes to artworks and African elite pieces amongst which were high-end couture tastefully designed by the remarkable Patience Torlowei and each guest went home with bottles of the perfume.

About Scent of Africa

The Scent of Africa perfume bottle is the ideal packaging for the continent’s first Luxury fragrance; an ornate map of Africa in gold for women and silver for men. This bold depiction of the continent is the perfect house to distill these fragrances. Scent of Africa for woman and for man comes in both 30ml and 90ml options.

The Gold colour Scent of Africa for Woman, illustrates the allure of today’s African woman. The scent is a thrilling aroma of crushed geranium flower petals, jasmine, ylang ylang and heliotrope combined with hints of Malagasy Vanilla and musk. 

“Scent of Africa is an experience not just women but for men also, it is luxury in bottle.the smell instantly demands attention” shared Marcel, celebrity footballer and star of the French national football team.

Scent of Africa is set to hit the shelves of luxury fragrance stores and boutiques Nationwide before the end of 2016 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016



Women at Risk International Foundation, also known as “WARIF” is a non-profit organization that was incorporated in 2016 by Dr. Kemi DaSilva-Ibru MD; MPH in response to the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria.

The Foundation was established to raise awareness and advocate against this increasing prevalence of sexual violence amongst women and young girls of all ages and its consequences. These effects are both immediate with health and psycho-social risks to the victims as well as in the long-term societal problems that subsequently occur such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

"It is our primary social responsibility to ensure that all young girls and women live in a society free of rape and sexual violence. The opening of WARIF Centre by Women at Risk International Foundation -WARIF is the first of many initiatives, that will be set up by the foundation and the first step on it's journey towards achieving this goal." - Dr. Kemi DaSilva-Ibru, Founder, WARIF

The first initiative of the foundation is to target the urgent needs for these survivors by establishing a Sexual Assault Referral Centre: The WARIF Centre.

Monday, 21 November 2016

IMANSE: ‘Original Somebody’


Fast rising songstress, Imanse, is getting a lot of attention from the Nigerian music industry with her eccentric, bold and fierce sound. 

Many music reviewers admit falling in love with her music the first time they heard it… she is unmistakably original. A fuse of Afrobeat, Pop, R&B and Soul music that takes us back to the good old days of sweet melody and great hooks.

Imanse, not taking any time to bask in the success of her song “Gbona” featuring Falz The Bad Guy, has put out another melodic sizzler, “Original Somebody”.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


So here is a quick look into an amazing fashion this fall: it's amazing, quite an inspiration and beautiful don't forget to visit Enjoy.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Veuve Clicquot And The Bank Abuja's Yelloween Party!!!


October 29th was a spooktacular Yelloween as Veuve Clicquot in partnership with The Bank put together a night of intrigue and fun to celebrate Halloween in Abuja.

The night played host to partygoers who were sure to come dressed looking spooky and ready to experience Yelloween. If you missed it, here is a snippet of what went down. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016


John was torn in his mind as he had great plans for the evening, but his heart was weak, considering that he had to decide whether he will be a good 👏 gentleman or let the devil within act. He had always believed that women (people in general) cannot be fixed, except possibly by the grace of God.
Sally had her mind made up since she was down with a good short sex and beautiful night rest. She needed to get John to a room as soon as possible, but she also had her pride to protect. She had a plan- a discrete sweet seduction.
John came up with an idea, an excuse that will be ideal for the situation he had found himself, get a little high on alcohol and let the girl get drunk. That way his emotions will be a 'little numb' and he can be heartless enough to commit an act he'll be sorry for by morning.
"Let's go back to the party" John said. They soon walked into the club where they began to dance. At first John sat on an arm chair, watching the large number of people feeling the groove; of course, the elderly ones had left and this was just a last moment of bachelorhood for the couple👫. John was absolutely impressed with the way Sally danced, a reminder that 'this girl' was used to the streets- the kind of woman you're afraid to marry. She soon danced towards John, encouraging him to dance, John however had never been the club type, was not conversant with the moves made, but with time and a bit of alcohol and a little motivation from 'tantalizing' lies he was soon on the dance floor feeling the party.
John remembered little afterwards; he was in the room and he knew he was kissing someone, the series of impressions on his mind were all in geometric progression, but as occurs with years of constant practice, his brain could still maintain a flow of medical stuff, thinking 'rather' clearly of the implications of having unprotected sex; HIV, STDs, it was probably too late now and he knew he was in danger.
The action was fast and he felt his clothes falling off, he knew he felt small firm breast but at that point something in him gave way, it was all darkness as he surrendered his soul to the god of the night.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Cornelius Vanderbilt
Source of wealth: Railroad and shipping lines 1800s
Founder Vanderbilt university
Expanded the railroad empire during the civil war
Worth: $185bn
Henry Ford
Source of wealth: founded Ford motor co, major figure in American business history.
Worth: $199bn.
Maummar Ghadaffi
Source of wealth: amassed during his 42 year rule over Libya
Worth: $200bn

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Psquare brother, Peter is now brand embassador of Merry bet Nigeria, alongside falz d bhad guy and Orezi.You'll recall that a few days ago, rapper Phyno renewed his contract with Nairabet as its brand embassador. Peter confirmed this via his instagram handle. View more 'shots' after the cut.



''To let him dance in the rain''. Those words came to Johns mind; to him, the subject of our daily encounter was like dancing in the rain. Within the short time he had spent being involved with women, he had realized that women kept no secretes especially with matters of the heart, and that the power that they wielded in their tongue had a magnetic connection to everything around them; a stench, from their supposed frailty to their definitive destructive power.
Once he had grown so close to a lady and within a short time, the implication of their relationship almost wrecked his academic carrier; like a metamorphosis, a 'desquamation' of his very life epithelium.
Sitting at the pool side with Sally, The cool breeze blowing around them was calling to them to be warm- a physiological 'itch' that kept bothering Johns mind. In his mind was a war of two cities, the one that feared nothing and the other that was so familiar with the consequence of his action; mistakes made that were so difficult to reconcile.
A friend had once told him that a good name was better, but another voice in his head kept hammering on the the fact ''why not take what you can and move on.'' A soft spot on his heart wanted to help the young girl sitting by his side; he wanted to be different, yet his mind was bugged by the few minutes of pleasure he could have tonight, at least to ease his pain, an atonement for the pain he's passed through at the hands of women, even though it meant death to his salvation. John was scared he was getting psychotic, but he was still focused on the dream; the motivation that made him want to be a doctor- the desire to have a good name. He was resisting, but he soon found himself going with another flow, one that was being pushed by the experience of a girl born by the streets, bred in the streets and refined within the walls of the streets- a soft girl by nature, wealthy by family privilege but impoverished by the madness of her society.
Sally was urging and ready for sex, her hormones were on fire with decisive intent- she had been 'starving' and right now she was horny enough to 'rape' a man.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

METROGYPSIE: How To Rock | #lingerieAsOuterwear + #tips

Hi guys,
 I have actually blogged this on  for my Thursday-on-Kam post. I try not to use too many photos on my posts and also tend to get more straight to the point on I’d share it all on here with outfit details.
The Lingerie as Outwear trend has been seen consistently on the runways, shoots and on our favorite celebrities.
FerAlberta retti RTW 2016

Rosie Hughtington

For those doubtful of the coolness of this trend or of its fit to your personal style, I’d give you a few tips you could work with..
1. it’s very normal to think ‘red’ but it could look trashy. Take the attention off by rocking casual vibe alongside 
 Bomber Jacket for distraction. Could be a blazer for a more serious outing.
–  Rocking red alone
Classy easy-on-the-eyes foootwear

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


First Lady of Nigeria Aisha Buhari arrives Brussels in this beautiful cape coat for the "Women's Role in Global Security" forum. She is expected to deliver the opening remark in "Women's Role In Global Security".

This is the first time she's been spotted since her controversial BBC interview .
View photos after the cut


Phyno has renewed his contract as an ambassador for the second year with Nigeria's biggest online betting company Nairabet. Akin Alabi is the owner of Nairabet.

View photos after the cut.



Following the crowing of Holy Field as the champion of the Hennessy VS Class – Class of 2016, Hennessy Artistry has put in action, plans for the Hennessy VS Class album slotted for release in 2017 in collaboration with Sonar Studios/Artistokrat Records. Edo born lyricist Holy Field joins members of the Class of 2014 and 2015; Vemor, Obadice, Eclipse, Fatboi, Phlow, Blaqbone, Dris, Maximum & Mr MarkN as they all prepare for the next step in their music careers.

Watch and relive moments from the Hennessy VS Class 2016 season, from the gruelling knockout stages to the grand finale which featured appearances from Vector, Ill Bliss, Ycee, Ozone, Phlow and many more Hip Hop vets at the Beat 99.9 FM studio. 
Watch video: 

Monday, 17 October 2016



Looking back at those times, Mary had made up her mind to regret nothing, although at this point she was uncertain of a future (which is absolutely 'nuts')  even if it seemed promising (by this she meant her marriage). She was caught in a net, and in bad shape, but felt lucky that she eventually had a chance to get married; compared to her friends who were there present and represented the 'psychedelic'(relating to or denoting drugs (especially LSD) that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness.) class who saw marriage as a burden.
Not ignoring the statistic so widely known that 1 out of every 3 girls  had done an abortion at some point in their life; she represented that 1 fraction, only she had done it multiple times, twice for the man she was now married to, - as always, she was with the minority. This did not bother her much because over time she had tapped into the power of pretense; by understanding the principle by which women command power. She was a walking time bomb and in her opinion this was the only way she could survive.
With the crowd pulling in, the master of ceremony began to recognize the 'known' guests present and to acknowledge the fact that the just wed were ''the clubs royalty'' (meaning that prior to their wedding they had regularly visited the club). The DJ (disc jokey) began to play their favorite song; and not to overestimate the power of 'Naija' (Nigerian) music, the floor was set 'ablaze' as if it were a scene from Things Fall Apart; a novel by Chinue Achebe, in the moment when Okonkwo his opponent and his reverence as the cat became binding. It was like war to them, their spirits were let out and they were free. It portrayed the very standard on which they stand on, they are cats and they'll never let their backs touch the floor; 'hell', it was inborn.
The groove was on, Mary looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of John, but he was nowhere to be found.
John however was getting intimate with Sally in a discussion that will soon bring up the need for them to find a room. They were beside the pool, they had left the club since it was too noisy, at least now they can hear themselves.


Lind Ikeji; owner of, linda Ikeji music, tv e.t.c has become known as the face of 'young media population'. In a short period of six years, Linda has done an outstanding Job by becoming the richest blogger Nigeria has ever produced and Africa's number 1 blogger.
She maintains a high taste in fashion; having been at one time a top model in her university days, and also running a modeling agency.
Having become a multi-billionaire, while expanding her hold on Global media, she has continued to inspire young minds who have intterest in Fashion and great dress sense.
She however has an 'expensive taste' in bags, shoes, clothings and accessories. She had at one time spent over 12 million naira on two hand bags.


View over 20 additional pictures after the cut. If you love fashion, this is for you.

Speazie: The Music App That All Music Lovers In Nigeria Are Talking About

Some sort of music making revolution is brewing, and one App seems to be at the center of the movement. Not too long ago it would have been impossible to make quality music with other artists remotely, but that code appears to have been cracked. 

The revolution has just begun. It’s called Speazie and it’s as easy as it sounds. A start-up technology that would revolutionize the music industry. It is set the break into Nigeria; the largest African music market.

Speazie is a mobile music recording App and collaboration platform that fits right in your pocket. Whether you're a vocalist, a producer, or a mix of both, Speazie allows users to create new songs through collaboration and helps artists take your tracks to the next level.

Seven out of the ten richest musicians in Africa are Nigerian. Nigerian music is the fastest growing sector of entertainment, social and cultural industry, it is teeming with talent waiting to be discovered and money waiting to be made. Speazie will connect the ends in the easiest technological and social means possible, making music creation, discovery, collaboration, and sharing available at everyone’s fingertips.

With Speazie, aspiring Nigerian artists or any music lover, can collaborate with users from all over the world, including their favorite celebrities. The App already boasts celebrity signups, including Reggae Sensation Gyptian, UK-based electronic artist LZ7, and many others. Speazie users can find beats they like posted by others or upload their own, record vocals, and even make music videos right from their mobile devices.

With built-in audio presets, Speazie has made it extremely easy for users to get a studio sounding finish to their tracks, even for those with limited or no studio experience. Users can apply audio and video filters and mix down tracks in just a few clicks, dubbing the App as the “Instagram of music.”

Speazie helps talent and stars gain followers on all their social platforms. Users can link all their other social accounts to their profile so others can find them everywhere. They can also share their beats, tracks, and videos to their social accounts right from App, helping artists gain the reach they need both inside and outside of Speazie.

And it’s not just for musicians. Every week Speazie features thousands of new songs, made on mobile, sounding professional and built by people re-discovering the power of music. The constant stream of tracks and videos makes it a vibrant community for non-musicians alike to enjoy content and interact with artists.

The Speazie App is available on both iOS and Android devices.

For more information on Speazie please contact:

For all press matters please contact:

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Celebrity Photographer and artiste TY bello, did a photo shoot of Mr Davido for This Day style, the pictures are awesome, . 

My Portraits of@davidoofficial tell the LOVE story of ART..birthing REJECTION .. Our DEFIANCE making way for a CLEANSING finds us PEACE where it matters ...with our work ..with our self.. with GOD- by TYbello

View more photos after the cut.



The couple 'marched' into the club ready to dance till ''they dropped dead''. It is the most important day in Marys life; at least so far, but the displeasing taint was the picture that was right before her; all the wasted years spent clubbing, how her relationship with John was left for dead in the mud, - She always hoped that he had really forgive her, because she knew that whatever John turned out to be now was because of her rejection and wayward life style.
Mary took a long shot from the good girl she was back then when she and John were childhood sweethearts; although John will always insist that they were just friends, she was a good, decent and respectful girl until she began to get involved with rather promising and fun loving friends who introduced her to the fancy way of life; to her new found 'solace' their way of life was absolutely normal, but within her, she who had seen the light, she knew this was a disaster but she couldn't beat the crowd, why not join?.
John tried to hold her down, at a point even promising her marriage, something that any young girl would have gladly jumped to, but all of it meant nothing to Mary; she was feeling the 'vibe', men were chasing after her from every corner and in those seducing moments she had grown into a giant leaving John as closer to the ground as if he was a grasshopper.
She began to show her feeling of being too important for Johns small talk, - ambitious hardworking young man and was focusing more on the pleasures of life. She was too classy for the simplicity of life which John promised. 

First University in Nigeria: Ahmadu Bello University launches first ‘Online’ MBA in Nigeria

I came across this publication on, I'm very impressed with this new height attained in the academic field among Nigerian institutions; Ahmadu Bello university has proved outstanding especially in this period of economic recession. 

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) has made history as the first university in the country to have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme accredited by NUC to be delivered in e-learning mode. Apply for it here.
Prospective students from any part of the country can now take their MBA from anywhere without the need to go to the ABU campus. Lecture videos and study materials can be accessed offline via custom tablets or Dual USB sticks on smartphones or PCs.

Submitting assignments and projects as well as interacting with lecturers, tutors and other classmates all happen via ABU’s e-learning portal online. What about exams? Those can be done in examination centers spread across all regions in Nigeria.

In an event to mark the launch of the programme, the Director of Distance Learning, Professor AdamuZoaka Hassan said
“the wall of limitations have been hacked down in the world of distance learning which Ahmadu Bello University is bringing to the educational landscape”.
The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Ibrahim Garba, represented by his Deputy (Administration),Professor Ibrahim NaiyaSada, at the launch event said “this is a same degree, same ABU and accredited by the NUC, so it’s safe”.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


A couple of days back, Maraji appeared on coca cola launch party alongside Falz d bahd guy and many other celebrities. I can't really tell if this is her first big appearance but @Maraji has been a super important media personality on social media, especially on instagram where she can hit over 612 hits per video in 12 minutes. Her fashion sense though, something she should probably work. 

View more pictures after the cut.


Comedian AY took to instagram to share pictures of his beautiful daughter Michelle , also another picture of his daughter with media 5 year old comedy sensation Emmanuella, saying her daughters school fees is guaranteed since his latest movie; A Trip to Jamiaca has been making waves at the cinemas nation wide. #schoolfeesguaranteed. 

View more pictures after the cut.


I have a dream to someday be a doctor, and to be in a simple relationship will be 'ascending' but with you I'll take no plight to add to my struggle the burdens of a relationship for a 'descent' into Dantes inferno.
The couple arrived just on time amidst cheers from the waiting crowd, the sound soon began to fade from Sally's ear, she was lost in her own thought and memories from her past were beginning to resurface. To her it was like a nightmare, only that she was awake and aware.
When she was 16, she had received a letter from Michael; a boy she was romantically involved with, which contained a message so strong that for a long time it had a positive impact in her, but now she feels she has lost. Her thoughts however continued to dig deeper.
''Michael was one of the most intelligent and lovable people in the class, Sally on the other hand was a perfect opposite; she was 'everyones girl' to be precise, but somehow from the moment she and mike(for short) first saw each other, which was about a week after Sally was transferred to the new school, there was something between them that connected. Michael had become so attached to her, and thinking about it now, she felt it was because of his nerdy boring life compared to her open wild life. Those thoughts were so mediocre now; by this she meant the way she saw life then. 
Although Sally had been very much involved in sexual activities, Mike had little experience. They soon got sexually involved. Over time, their relationship became something that was thrown in the open, and like in every society, the elites did not approve. Being clever as it is; not academically, but in games such as this which were childish and depressing, she saw doom coming her way, but she was ready for it and she took it in all bravery; maybe because at that time, even while with John, she was still sexually involved with other boys and men from her past who satisfied her sexual desires- Needless to say, she believed; not to categorically abuse the word, that she was a nymphomaniac.
Sally however never stopped loving Mike, and always wished that she had kept him. The first and only letter that John wrote her was something that was an inspiration for her and it carried so powerful a message that it still scares her. She still wondered how he could have conceived such a message at that young age; maybe it was his brilliant nature, or experience, or God given wisdom.
Dear Sally
Through the course of our relationship I have learned a lot about people, personalities and individuals; to think that my 'prey' heart would decide to judge you will be insane and arrant nonsense, to say the least of words for ingratitude. It is obvious that people have continued to say that you are not good for me (as if I'm good for you), and that our being together will be the course to a fruitless tomorrow, destroying not one but two destinies. 
My opinion is however different, not seeing any light leading to destruction of ours, or any other destinies but rather the beauty of our souls which are different as we're different individuals. I have felt pain as I'm no longer with you, but you must understand that your way of life and mine are worlds apart and the purpose which drives us are different, although i see clearly that we might meet again if we work towards our goals, achieving the simple matters of life before trying to overcome or understand the complex; to say less, that achieving academic success with distinctions is our primary aim, not a life of birthday parties, clubbing and sex, which at this point from the experience that we've shared I see as a complete setback and not a scenario to replay even in the near future. It clearly defines the boundaries which or separate lives have set. But even in your heart, you know whats right. 
I have a dream to someday be a doctor, and to be in a simple relationship will be 'ascending' but with you I'll take no plight to add to my struggle the burdens of a relationship for a 'descent' into Dantes inferno.
Yes, you have love for me, but all this will matter little if you do not fit in to the class I hope to belong.
I'll largely state that there are no faults in our stars, but if eventually we never meet again, I hope as good people, that the message and love that we share lives on. 
I've spoken like an intellect as if I myself am without fault, but within my tender heart, I know that your mark is on the sands of time. I will always love you.
Yours, Mike. 

Friday, 14 October 2016


The much anticipated Diana by tekno is out. Tekno took to his official page about 2 hours ago to announce that the link for the video is out. Click on the link below to watch the Youtube video below. ''Why he started by mentioning his Tanzanian Diana we don't know, probably because she was used in the video shoot or something else. Our dear superstar tekno keeps breaking records. This music is awesome. ''- oscroyal 

Thursday, 13 October 2016




Nigeria's biggest football party - Merrybet Celebrity FC is back this December with its 3rd edition and this time around, it WILL be bigger and a lot more exciting.
Expect world-class musical performances, rib- cracking jokes and amazing football skill exhibition as Nigeria's top celebrities battle each other in support of their favorite football clubs!



So this new 5 star music just got out here's the lyric;


Laura made this post on Instagram yesterday about Mcgalaxy, a best friend who had never asked her out or had a romantic feeling towards her, 'dashing' her 1million naira.. Wow!!, guess beautiful rich girls with #BRAIN attract good rich friends too. #Workhardyougrindhard.
Laura Ikeji has continued to show great exploits following after the footsteps of her Older sister +LindaIkejiTV, putting resources into Laura Ikeji gang with a hint on hitting the big bang as the African Zara.  



So our dear dear ''fashion royalty'' is at it again!!!. This publication is actually made up of a video and ''auto- awesome'' pictures that will blow your mind away. Stephanie talks more about her outfit, not just explaining what they mean to her, but letting you; the reader and viewer experience what it means to be a metrogypsite.. +Metrogypsie +Metrogypsie !

Hi guys,

I recently did a shoot with the dope Kingsley Ogundu of @flashmybox- A profile shoot. Basically, a video that describes you and what you do.

The video was a summary of me in various outfits that summarize my style backed up with vocals explaining the Metrogypsie brand thus far.

Watch the video below

*You can subscribe to the channel for more fashion & lifestyle episodes.

Details of outfits and what they mean to me

Jacket & Pants:- Marks & Spencer .. Shoes:- Dune .. Lace Cami:- Asos

This is a typical look I wear to work (my 9-5). This outfit can easily transcend to a night-at-the-bar with friends or an outing with my man after work.

Jacket:- Dolce & Gabbana .. Shoes:- Converse .. Camo Dress – Primark .. Sunglasses:- Konga

This is such a Metrogypsie look..haha..when I’m on the other side of myself as a Management Consultant. The look is built around a strong piece, the yeh, a body below the knee dress with sneakers or even boots (def not chic heels).

Dress:- Reiss .. Shoes:- Steve Madden .. Hat:- Thrifted

This is like my wedding guest or cute classy event look. Ideally I wear a hat to weddings as I tend not to think too much about my outfits for such.. whatever I don will always looks elegant with a hat.

Playsuit:- my Nigerian Tailor, Josephine .. Knee Highs:- @Lilyskloset .. Watch:- Fossil

I love being African. Although not originated from Africa, the Ankara fabric is extremely tied to Africans. I love to make trendy outfits with this fabric. If/when I have a collection it will definitely be Ankara-infused.



As a formality, everyone had arrived before the bride and groom; as they stood around outside, some of them with drinks in their hands waiting for the new couples' arrival, and of course, in grand style. The Dj was already on the beat.
In the time before the couple arrived, although John and Sally stood next to each other observing the too many couples around, their thoughts were worlds apart, and the 'pinch' on their hearts was a precedent to their anticipated togetherness. In Johns mind, he had began to wonder on the issue of virginity, marriage and love and on the complexity of having to marry a girl who he knew little about; because in his opinion, there were too many secrets someone can hide from another, just as he has this one on his mind- the sex factor.
The constant on his mind was ''the how to justify that he was ''walking'' towards having sex with a girl so much younger than he was, who was not a virgin and who is wild. A list of possible things were running through his mind; he had never liked the idea of protected sex, so what if she had AIDS, or an infection; gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts,hepatitis?,,, ''HIV nor dey show for face O!!'', everything was on the line- an entire future, but the ''ignore sentiment'' part of him did not care about ethical value. He could not ascertain how many men she had been with, and he could bet that in her heart she was probably expecting that he, John, will be willing to enter a relationship with her and eventually marry her. He let out a gentle laugh and went on to bother his mind about other things, like the patients he had to see in tomorrows call.
John was the kind of man she'd want to be with, but again she had made up her mind, that if she will be with a man, she'll be with him to the end; hold him till the end.

Sally observed Johns gentle laugh, but she had other things on her mind. Her thought had gone to all the guys who had abused her over time and why men generally think they can get away with 'murder', they never seem to realize the wrong and damage they do to a young girls innocent mind, and eventually, they 'approach' with a story saying they're sorry; then these same men (of course young men of these generation) will open their stinking mouth and say that they want to get married to a virgin. Sally was convinced John was the kind of man she'd want to be with, but again she had made up her mind, that if she will be with a man, she'll be with him to the end; hold him till the end. In time, everything will fall into place.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

JIM OVIA SCHOLARSHIP: Application not closed

Application period not closed!

Dear Applicant,

We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications, and as such, the Jim Ovia Scholars portal will be temporarily unavailable.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Lagos comes to London with Africa Now

Nigerian Sister's Temi and DJ Cuppy Otedola hosted a spectacular event in partnership with the Dangote Foundation just ahead of Bonhams' Africa Now: Contemporary Africa sale!



Observed in almost all Nigerian weddings;like a ritual, although patriotism has led to a fall in the trend to spray money during wedding and burial ceremonies. Like the majority, Mary's wedding was no different- spraying money is a life long ritual of the Nigerian wealthy and affluent, a way of showing they have arrived. It is almost a part of our culture.
With the wads of naira notes floating in the air and good high life music playing in the background, the couple were on the road to a happy matrimony.
John sprayed for a few 'life long' minutes, having been able to convert about #50,000 notes to newly printed #200 naira notes, although at a loss of #5000, this significantly increased the quantity of the initial #1000 notes and also the duration of spray. Its a lot of mathematics, but Nigerians have a way of making money from everything. By the time John was done, Sally was by his side, and John offered her a ride to the after party.
In the car, they continued their discussion where they left off, with John finally bringing up the topic of sex, asking if she, Sally,had had sex.
''very likely, every interaction between a boy and a girl on a social platform has a way of playing towards sex''
Her answer, although it surprised John; considering that he saw her as a 'wild girls', was that she hadn't had sex, but then she added ''I was raped when I was younger by a friend',  To John, her statement was outright blatant stupidity because John had a mentality; maybe because he still cannot grasp the complication of living as a woman, that a woman cannot claim to be raped except when rape drugs or violence was used with an outright intent to rape.
John then added '' between a boy and a girl where emotions swirl, things can go wrong'', Sally thought it was a rather mature answer, but in her mind she knew deep down there were more secretes contained there than that flow within the river Niger. Johns conclusion on the matter was that rape had its limits, but that girls used it as an excuse to get 'light' as to why they've lost their virginity before marriage; but its the 21st century, what consequences does that have even in our traditional Nigerian culture?.
For the rest of the drive they were lost in their own thought, feeling the tension rise between them. In thirty minutes, they had arrived at the hotel D' palm, the place where the mystery of the night was about to unravel.

Monday, 10 October 2016

FASHION: Stephanie of @metrogypsie

View beautiful pictures of the ever modest and beautiful Fashion blogger +Metrogypsie . This beauty with brains never stops to wow with giant strides all the way.
Check out her Zara Jacket, River Island skirt, La Senza and Aldo shoes, a perfect combination of class and style, and let her guide you through how she put her outfit together, #womenwithpurpose.

Jacket:- Zara .. Skirt:- River Island .. Camisole:- La Senza .. Shoes:- Aldo.



Sally had become used to a world of disappointment. In her opinion, men had a sexually driven misplaced priority. At her young age she had been in relationships with several men, not because she came from a poor home, but of course, growing up within the commercial city of Warri was as much exposure as anyone will need. She had gained much experience in the rather crazy 'aristocratic' setting of a 'beastial society' where men are hunters and young girls the prey- to such men each score was a 'sigma' goal.
Having been through depression and taunting cast downs, Sally was ready for a little romance if something real, no matter how little, could come out of it- to feel like a woman.

Her interpretation of Johns presentation showed his lifestyle as excellent and not exposed to the madness so common around. In Johns opinion, the world was so much larger than women, but being skin tight to one especially at this point of his life( although on a second opinion it did not so much an impact other than to feed a lustful heart), was probably a needed experience- or who knows, the devil was at work.

''Nigeria at 56 is in a state of economic recession,'' a constant nightmare and insecurity, reminding you to be on guard- make a Job, be an entrepreneur +Metrogypsie.
They continued to enjoy each others company, stating emphatically their good scores in life so far, and then some of the bad. John's choice of judgment was however partial; seeing himself as an angel, but unknown to him, the power of experience and a spark of romance was like fire lit on a rock- something about glory and pride that draws from the inner soul.
However, Sally was, in her mind, was building up a grand plan on how to evade her mothers constant watching eyes - a memory that says look around you ''Nigeria at 56 is in a state of economic recession,'' a constant nightmare and insecurity, reminding you to be on guard- make a Job, be an entrepreneur +Metrogypsie. She came up with a plan eventually, hoping that her mother will understand her desire to spend the night in a hotel to celebrate with a just wed friend and friends, She was 18, but her mom was very much old fashioned; Mrs Katherine could have bet that her daughter was still a virgin, but if only she knew.
The best man was soon with the microphone, inviting friends of the bride and groom to join them on the dance floor to 'dig' it out. John handsomely excused himself, and Sally quickly approached her mom for the next step of the plan; it was going to be an awesome night.
Her moms response was simple and swift; it was yes, which left Sally be-wilded with excitement, she soon joined the dance group 'because the floor was now set'.  

Sunday, 9 October 2016


Image result for boy meets girl pictures 
At the reception, Sally was on the lookout for John, wondering where he was all the time, soon her thoughts of him were beginning to ‘fade’, but then he shows up, and in new clothes too.
John had never been a fan of flamboyant dressing, he had always loved to be in simple comfortable clothes and over time his love for simplicity has created for him a comfortable niche. He was in a blue Jean, a ‘carton’ colored polo and blue sneakers; that’s as comfortable as anyone can get, he soon found himself beside sally, who had little to do with her time and needed someone to talk to anyways.
John started a conversation and at this point he had already lost interest in the proceeding of the wedding, He heard something about the introduction of guests, but that was about it.

In their ‘chasing’ chatter they were soon lost in the sweet seduction of each other’s sweet side, it was matter of time before they soon exchanged numbers and made plans for how they will spend time together at the after ‘night’ party.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Boy Meets Girl: 1

 Hello royalists.

In the time between meeting Sally and the ‘eroticism’ of the night that followed, anyone would have believed that “living was at its peak of seduction and death was inevitable”.
On a beautiful Saturday morning, John had prepared for the best of days; being a graduate of Medicine and an acknowledged distinction student, He was prepared for a world of distress and competition, economic recession or meltdown and his focus was to beat the world and make it a better place; but one thing was certain, John was not ready for a world of women.
Sally is beautiful, young and elegant, the kind of girl you’ll be afraid to approach on a normal day because you know in your heart, from her outward appearance and flamboyant lifestyle that she was not the kind of woman that could be a mother to your children, but you play along, because in this game that we play, we try to win even with wolves in sheep clothing.
It was Mary and Peter’s marriage and John was ready for that wonderful celebration. Mary had been his childhood crush and sweetheart and although he ‘didn’t crush any candy,’ he had been devoted to the friendship for so long. When he got an invitation via mail to attend the wedding, he felt rather pleased that she still thought of him. As a doctor and having distinguished himself, he was going to turn up for the wedding in grand style.
 Moving about in the streets of Warri (a city in Southern Nigeria) can be a tiring task, except maybe you’re in a comfortable dress, an AC car and you can afford to be in those; Luckily, John could afford both. John left not too early, considering that he has never been a big fan of an early turn up, although recently on his travel to the United States, he did realize that living by the African man time will be a great danger to him, his patients and his future if he followed that footstep.
He was however in time to hear the wedding vows, having successfully avoided the ‘bore’ of the pre marital sermon which took a large part of the time. His entrance did not go unnoticed. He was in his brand new suite, ‘not a tuxedo as you can imagine; which he could not afford, but for a new school graduate, it was pretty expensive stuff and showed the respect of his profession’. His shoes were a pair of new Gucci which he just purchased, a male version of what you’d find on female fashion blogger +metrogypsies blog. They were nice and fitting, showing royalty.
As he walked in, as if it was written in the stars, the first eye he met was that of Sally, a dark colored, irregularly shaped female, she was rather shaped like a V and it didn’t bother him at that time, since he actually didn’t notice till at the reception. He ignored her haughty eyes, focusing more on the very possibility that she was the kind of girl he could hook up with and he could bet that they’d have sex that night.
:::”””before I continue with this fiction, I’d like to point out an important factor which my reader may be concerned about, nothing mostly the fact that this is a distinguished student of Medicine and Surgery and as such he should be rather too disciplined to look at an irresponsible woman, including one of questionable character which John will soon find out. Anything can happen.”””
John could see Mary and her Husband to be at the front, he quietly walked to the left as directed by the ushers and for some reason he ended up sitting right next to Sally, they exchanged a quick smile and nod and John, partiality for dark women, liked her.
The service ended and John was quick to leave, He walked straight to his car, while Sally kept an eye on him; she liked him, a catastrophic reminder of her unending lust, she has always wanted to marry a doctor but this time, she had a feeling this was only going to be a fling and that sex will probably end this endearing ordeal. The other problem was her mother, who from her experience with Sally knew that with every young man, sally was just trouble.
Johns car was nothing compared to the range rovers, land rovers, hummers and Mercedes Benz that were there at the wedding, but he was quite a fancy, maybe it was because of ‘ the young doctor phenomenon’, it’s probably contagious.
His car was a Toyota Camry, a new model and well polished, the car was new, brand new and the fitting was perfect, in fact the car drew a lot of attention.
Before John could get into his car he could hear Mary call his name and, asking him to join them for a picture, He couldn’t refuse so he spent a little more time within which period he was able to finally engage in a conversation with Sally, Sally having been used to this game, obviously more experienced, appeared rather very smart, leaving John impressed. He looked at her again, and for some reason was convinced that she was the kind of girl he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with, but having sex with this woman if enjoyable could mean a constant booty call.
‘’ He looked at her again, and for some reason was convinced that she was the kind of girl he couldn’t spend the rest of his life with, but having sex with this woman if enjoyable could mean a constant booty call. ‘This was where their parts crossed and was the beginning of a long dilemma, you know, where boy meets girl.
John soon left and went home to change into more comfortable clothes for the reception.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


my thought, my worry,
how can i make a dream of this downpour?,
stories, worries, mysteries, a diamond in the sky;
 can i say I'm back or i'm just worried about what tomorrow will make?.
Hope and pride, honor and good dreams.
so I walk in the darkpart imagining how beautiful life has been, then the worries and setbacks and then why I never give up.


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